‘It’s all about getting more of the right people in the room’

Combining our intimate knowledge of the Performing Arts community along with our international network of schools, agents, casting directors and employers, we know how, when and where to find the right performers to fit your needs with as little or as much support as you desire.

Our team can manage anything from casting a single role or running a small targeted media campaign, to managing a complete world audition tour.

‘Our mission is to constantly push the boundaries to improve the entire audition experience and effectiveness for both Performers and Clients’

We specialise in :

  • Planning where and when to hold auditions
  • Getting the word out across multiple mediums
  • Ensuring Agents and Performers are well informed and prepared
  • Providing experienced audition staff across Australia, Asia, USA, UK and Europe
  • Customisable digital Audition Management System  (C.E.AMS)  
  • PRE/DURING/POST audition & talent management  
  • PRE/DURING/POST audition reports and metrics 


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  • We recently had the privilege of working with the wonderful @macedonrangessc team who hosted this years @algwa_vic conference, showcasing our world-class local facilities, venues, businesses, stunning parks and natural landmarks! Thanks to @westernwater for the💧@emergencymanagementvic @hangingrock_cafe  @topoftherangemountmacedon #algwavic2019 #algwa #conference #vemi #vemimtmacedon #hangingrock #loveyourlocal #macedonranges #localgovernment
  • Happy Halloween Party! 
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  • This week we had the privilege of helping @SportAus deliver this amazing event!

@withrepost • @theais_ 📚🖊ELITE ATHLETE EDUCATION NETWORK | It was great to have representatives from Australian Universities and other education providers along with our National Institute and sporting partners for the two day Elite Athlete Education Network conference at #theAIS. The Conference provided the #EAEN with an opportunity to collaborate and talk about how to best support elite athletes and their study or how they can acquire the right skills and qualifications needed to follow their passion outside of sport.

Featured in the jam-packed conference was Chyloe Kurdas who has been instrumental in significant sporting landmark events, including the uptake of the AFL Women's League and key initiatives within Golf Australia. Chyloe was joined by Hugh van Cuylenburg founder of The Resilience Project, which has delivered programs on wellbeing and resilience to leading sporting organisations across Australia. Simon Kustenmacher (The Demographics Group) a demographer with an eye on the future, rounded out the leading keynotes speakers, with each speaker coming together to address new, up and coming trends and innovations across Athlete Wellbeing.

Stay tuned for details on the AIS EAEN services that will be available soon. The EAEN is an AIS Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement program.

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  • Today we had the sweet @candyhertz on the microphone helping us out at @h1league.  Great weather, great hockey, great fun! 🏑
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  • Guests cordially walked the red carpet tonight at the premiere of Downton Abbey for @universalpicsau .  Our dashing butlers lending a hand to all the Lords and Ladies.

For @eventessentials_au 
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  •’s always flattering when your event makes the social pages of the Herald Sun!  Thanks to the lovely @msfionabyrne for putting a spotlight on this special night.  @connectentertainment #connectevents @rmhcvicball #rmhcvictas @rmhcvictas