‘It’s all about getting more of the right people in the room’

Combining our intimate knowledge of the Performing Arts community along with our international network of schools, agents, casting directors and employers, we know how, when and where to find the right performers to fit your needs with as little or as much support as you desire.

Our team can manage anything from casting a single role or running a small targeted media campaign, to managing a complete world audition tour.

‘Our mission is to constantly push the boundaries to improve the entire audition experience and effectiveness for both Performers and Clients’

We specialise in :

  • Planning where and when to hold auditions
  • Getting the word out across multiple mediums
  • Ensuring Agents and Performers are well informed and prepared
  • Providing experienced audition staff across Australia, Asia, USA, UK and Europe
  • Customisable digital Audition Management System  (C.E.AMS)  
  • PRE/DURING/POST audition & talent management  
  • PRE/DURING/POST audition reports and metrics 


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PH: +61 (03) 5428 1105

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